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Friday, April 12th



When we think of the joy of Easter, we think of what the world could be like if everyone treated each other with respect. Take, for example, the importance of respect in a sporting event like the Olympics. There is often a quote used that states, “The important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part. An essential lesson in life is learning that importance does not lie in conquering but fighting well”.   


Inspire me to give of my best,

and make good use of the talents You have given me.

Show me how to have a positive attitude, appreciate and value others,

and to always be ready to encourage and give praise.

Lead me never to judge people,

but to accept others as they are,

knowing that it is together,

each with our differences,

that we build up your Kingdom. 



Main Entrance - Mr. Ruszkowski
North Entrance - Mrs. Abbs
South Entrance - 
Mrs. Longjohn-Constant


Monday - No Lunch
Tuesday - No Lunch
Wednesday - No Lunch
Thursday - Grab and Go Lunch 
                    Sausage & Egger on English Muffin $3.00
Friday - Grab and Go Lunch 
               Popcorn Chicken & Fries $3.00

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